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    Paseo Ramón Corona #16
    Chapala Centro, 45900
    Chapala, Jalisco


    Local Area: 765 2128
    Country inland: 01 376 765 2128
    Canada/USA: 011 52 376 765 2128

    ¿How to arrive?

    The hotel is just 22 minutes away from the Guadalajara's International Airport, so whether you arrive by plane to the Guadalajara, you can arrive to Chapala as following:


    Right after you claim your baggages you will find a Taxi stand, where you can buy your taxi ticket to Chapala. Go outside and ask the taxi driver to take you to Hotel Villa San Francisco in Chapala and just give the driver the ticket you just bought. The hotel address is Ramón Corona street #16, near the pier and the main church.


    Leaving the airport, take the exit located to the right, to take the road that runs south of Guadalajara. Before reaching the exit find a sign that says: Mexico, Morelia, Guadalajara, once you see this sign, take the side of the road to the right, this is the road that will take you to Chapala. Follow this path without turning, through the town of Chapala, until you pass the Cathedral on your left. A few meters ahead, you will see the lake and boats, and there is no other choice but to turn left onto Ramon Corona. The Villa is 100 meters ahead.

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